Automotive Transmission Oil


ADDINOL Automotive Transmission Oils offer a reliable solution for almost any application. These include high-load hypoid transmission, synchronised and unsynchronised manual and steering transmission as well as distribution transmission of car, truck, tractor, forestry and construction machines as well as stationary plant.

Addinol Transmission oil GH 80W90, GH 85W90, GH 80W140, GH 85W140

Addinol Transmission Oils GH consist of premium ageing resistant mineral oil raffinates blended with a well-balanced additive combination of phosphorus and sulphur.

Addinol Transmission Oil GH 80W90 LS, GH 85W90 LS

Addinol Transmission oil GH 80W90 LS and Addinol Transmission oil GH 85W90 LS consist of ageing resistant mineral oil raffinates being additivated with a selected P/S additive combination and a special additive for reducing noises and to preventing vibrations in limited slip differentials.

Addinol Transmission Oil GH 75W90

Addinol Transmission oil GH 75W90 is a high performance transmission oil based on fully synthetic base oils with selected P/S additives.

Addinol Transmission oil GS 75W90

Addinol Transmission oil GS 75W90 is a semi synthetic transmission oil according to lubrication engineering requirements.