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Pole Position High Performance Engine Oil

Addinol Pole position are high-performance engine oils for four stroke motorbikes of leading Japanese and European manufacturers in the SAE grades 5W-40, 10W-40, 10W-50, and 20W-50. The ideal combination of synthetic base oils and field-tested additives guarantee an outstanding performance and provide an optimal wear and corrosion protection as well as outstanding thermal stability.

Pole Position High Speed 2T Synthetic Engine Oil

Addinol Pole Position High Speed 2T is a fully synthetic two-stroke high-performance engine oil. It is based on high quality synthetic base oil components and an especially tested additive package. The product has been tested at SIMSON GP under extreme conditions and successfully applied by different racing team.

Addinol Super 2T MZ 406 High Performance Engine Oil

Addinol Super 2T MZ 406 high performance oil for two-stroke engines is based on synthetic components ensuring low smoke characteristics.

Addinol Engine Oil M 30 and M 50 Monograde Engine Oil

Addinol Engine Oils M 30 and M 50 are monograde engine oils of SAE grade 30 and 50. The engine oils display good viscosity temperature behaviour and are made of high quality, ageing resistant mineral oil raffinates.

Addinol Super Mix MZ 405 2 Stroke Engine Oil

Addinol Super Mix MZ 405 is a 2-stroke engine oil based on high quality mineral oil raffinates and a powerful additive package.

Addinol Racing 4T 10W 30 / 15W 50 Synthetic 4 Stroke Engine Oil

Addinol Racing 4T 10w-30, 15W-50 are semi synthetic 4-stroke engine oils in SAE grade 10W-30 and 15W-50. High quality base oils and a modern additivation ensure an outstanding engine cleanliness as well as an excellent corrosion and wear protection.